Fabletic’s raising the Scales in Clothing Market

Fabletic’s raising the Scales in Clothing Market

Under the current market, starting up and keeping a clothing brand alive is an uphill task. This is because of the big players that have already established in the market with a huge customer base. These players include Amazon which controls over 20 percent of the clothing market. This, however, did not deter Kate Hudson from establishing Fabletics. Fabletics has applied strategic and well thought selling techniques which have made it overgrow from scratch to being valued at $250 million all over a three-year period.


Fabletics took into serious consideration that price and quality no longer define how successful business is going to emerge. They instead decided to focus on things like exclusive & personalized designs, positive customer experience, and reviews to boost their recognition & specific specs required by customers. Most important to their success is their unique show-rooming technique referred as reverse show-rooming.


The reverse show-rooming ensures that they only stock the products which their customers require in their physical stores. In reverse show-rooming, they have embraced the online marketing element with the physical selling. The idea was that many people search online for products before actually buying them. They keep track of what customers like and check on most and in turn stock the same in their stores. The reverse showrooming is all about building relationships and personalizing the customer experience. The data obtained online is therefore carefully scrutinized so that what the customer wants can be understood and put into use.


Kate Hudson was strategically chosen by the two founders of Fabletics, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg, to spearhead the growth of Fabletics. The duo said that Kate’s lifestyle and approachable nature made her the best candidate for the idea they had in mind. Kate took over the role with full enthusiast and has been involved in the growth of the market all the way. From making and deciding on budgets, to selecting a social media strategy and even the specific designs, Kate has always been involved.


Kate works closely with the whole team to ensure a smooth running of the business. She says that she is happy for her immense growth and development in the business world. She also says that it is good that it feels good to be on top of something which she has worked for! Despite all her success in business, she still maintains that her calling is to be an actress and she will never run away from that no matter what height she reaches.

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