Doe Deere: Turning Brightly Colored Makeup Into An International Phenomenon

Doe Deere: Turning Brightly Colored Makeup Into An International Phenomenon

Entrepreneur and Unicorn Queen Doe Deere is the creator of the wildly popular Lime Crime cosmetics line. Born in Russia, she moved to New York City as a teenager. Doe Deere has loved bright colors and playing with makeup ever since she was a child. She has also been interested in business since she was a schoolgirl in Russia. Her first taste of independent business was selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. After that, she was hooked. She began to dream of owning her own business and being very successful.

When Doe Deere got to New York, she enrolled at Fashion Institute of Technology. Her plan was to become a model and fashion designer. Soon she had designed and made a line of unique clothing, created a website and was using her internet marketing talent to sell them. When fashion design didn’t yield the level of success she wanted, Doe Deere turned her attention to music. She started a rock band, recorded some music and began doing shows. When she couldn’t find makeup bright enough, she started making her own. People loved it and encouraged her to offer it for sale. That’s how Lime Crime was born.

Today, Lime Crime offers a wide range a blindingly bright, smudge-proof lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and nail polish. These products are made with vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. The neon-bright colors of the products in the Lime Crime cosmetics line have been embraced by a worldwide audience. Doe Deere’s rise to success in a market traditionally dominated by major brands is astonishing and inspiring. It has helped countless women to believe they too can make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. And Doe Deere is willing to show them how to do it.

Doe Deere has taken an unconventional route to success. She turned her love for color and makeup and flair for internet marketing into a multimillion dollar business. Even as she continues to create new products, Doe Deere makes the time to encourage and assist as many budding female entrepreneurs as possible. She speaks all over the world, invites aspiring businesswomen to contact her for guidance and advice and posts tips for building an independent business on her social media pages.

Countless girls and women see Doe Deere as a role model. She takes that responsibility seriously and tries to show them how to make their business dreams a reality. Learn more:

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