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Securus Technologies and Its Success For Its Solutions of Public Security

Securus Technologies and Its Success For Its Solutions of Public Security

Sometimes, a business leader has to be astute enough to make sure that its products and services stay relevant. This is precisely what is being considered by Securus Technologies as it tries to maintain its reputation as one of the best companies that offer solutions for public safety, correctional investigations and civil justice administration. With its work to always be innovative in how to address the threats of technology in the society using state-of-the-art tech, it is always worth researching today the ways, methods, and reasons why Securus Technologies’ products stay relevant.


The Drone Problem


To get an idea of how responsive Securus Technologies solutions today, it might be helpful to read the story of Robert Johnson and the Drone Program of Securus, and how Securus plays a role in making sure that Robert’s tragedy wouldn’t happen to anyone else.


The tragedy today of officers working in jails is their security. The challenge today in these correctional facilities is the fact that drones right now deliver contraband goods inside the prison. These contraband items may contain drugs, cellphones, and guns that the inmates could use and threaten the officers were working in jails. Fortunately, there’s a drone program from Securus Technologies that would stop these malicious drones and would stop the threats from escalating. Other than this, it’s also good to know that Securus is working hard to secure the security of jail officers, such as that story about Robert Johnson.


The story of Robert Johnson started when he confiscated contraband, and it turned out to be worth a lot, about $50,000. That money belonged to malicious people in the correctional facility, and the fact that Mr. Robert disrupted it had caused a lot of bad blood among the inmates. Two weeks later, the event that most people have dreaded happened. Robert Johnson was shot in his chest, and it was traced that the call-to-shoot order came from inside the facility.


Fortunately, Robert Johnson survived, after being shot in the chest. The NBC Miami reported the entire case, and thankfully, the shooter was caught and put to justice. That said, I think this drone program and the effort of Securus to control the security threats for people like Robert Johnson are great efforts that help public security.


Awards and Recognition


In response to such travesty that Robert experienced and to those people in similar situation, Securus Technologies is contributing in innovating robust solutions for the public. Fortunately, the efforts of Securus don’t get unrecognized. There are now three Customer Service Awards in 2018 given to Securus from the Stevie Awards. It is also impressive that the sales department of Securus has also gained attention and recognition from the award-giving body. Indeed, the efforts of Securus have paid off in bringing about the change the public needs.

Flexibility on Payment Options

Flexibility on Payment Options

Govpaynet is an amazing corporation that allowed internet sellers to offer multiple forms of payment for customers to take advantage of. They were well-known on the internet for supporting such online storefronts as eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten just to name a few. We make GovPayNet so flexible is their ability to offer multiple forms of payment, such as basic credit cards, pay-as-you-go credit cards, gift cards, check by phone, as well as Pay Pal. Recently in the news security and information technology corporation, Securus Technologies has decided to purchase GovPayNet in order to offer higher levels of support to their own customers. This merger will see a rise in customer service has not been seeing in the industry as of yet. Securus Technologies is already well known for taking very good care of their customer base, just so happens to be inmates living in the United States prison system.


What makes this entire thing so exciting is that Securus technologies will not be able to offer these payment methods to the family members of inmates. Many of these families have Financial hardships, it may not even have access to a bank account or a credit card to make a monthly payment on. The new support by GovPayNet means that you Stanley’s will have many more options to make their payments on time. This is great news for these families and one that should not be overlooked. Securus Technologies once again, through this merger, has proven that they are more than just an information technology company. They truly care about the people that they work with and for, and there’s something to be said about that.


For more information on this exciting merger, and how Securus is using this to better their company and loyal customers please visit this link:


Securus Technology Presents Innovative Methods of Getting in Touch with Inmates

Securus Technology Presents Innovative Methods of Getting in Touch with Inmates

Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas is the time when family members and friends unite to share the happy family moments together. An intriguing question remains whether our incarcerated family and friends equally get the opportunity to share the Christmas Eve with their family. Securus technology provides the answer to this issue.


About Securus Technology

Securus Technology supplies both civil equipment and criminal justice resolutions that transform prisoners’ incarceration experience. The company also offers Public Safety Solutions planned to assist law enforcement agencies in their emergency response dispatch and mobile law enforcements. A lot of corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies rely on the company’s simple, easily accessible, and influential technology solutions. Securus Technologies is located in Dallas. It presents a Video Visitation platform that will allow family members to get in touch with their jailed friends this Christmas


Securus Video Visitation will allow Family Members to share Christmas Remotely with their Incarcerated Loved Ones

The video visitation program will enable family and friends the limitless opportunities to connect with an inmate either remotely or by onsite visits. Securus Video Visitation exclusively depends on the internet and will allow remote prisoner interaction using tablets, Smartphone, or personal computer. House family visits or remote contacts can be accomplished through the internet and a web camera. The video visitation platform will present the unlimited opportunities of bonding with inmates through video concerts. Sharing of Christmas with prisoners and the general prisoner-family associations have been known to lessen prisoner recidivism significantly.


Family members can also utilize Securus Video Visitation to schedule Onsite Prisoner Visits

The video platform will give family members a convenience when visiting or contacting their imprisoned relatives. Family members can also plan to visit their incarcerated relatives in their imprisonment facilities. The Securus Video Visitation platform will completely combine with prison administration processes to make sure that all prisoner appointments are scheduled for in the existing prison timeslots. Securus video visitation will also present the prison staff with live recording and monitoring to make sure the video visits are not ‘fishy.’ The video visitation platform will also present prison officials with the capacity to have full control over the prisoner visitors by restricting some visitors based on behavioral issues.