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George Soros: Investment Mogul Turned World’s Largest Philanthropist

George Soros: Investment Mogul Turned World’s Largest Philanthropist

George Soros’s life is a story of humble beginnings, with an affluent, happy ending. In September 2015, Forbes ranked Mr. Soros, as the 21st richest man in the world with his current net worth estimated to be a whopping $25.5 Billion. George Soros was born in August 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He immigrated to London in 1949 after surviving the Nazi occupation of 1944-5. George Soros enrolled in the London School of Economics, where Soros, supported his studies by working as a railway porter and a nightclub waiter. He graduated in 1952.

Soros is genius in investment was evident after a short stint with his first employer F.M Mayer, a Wall Street Brokerage firm in 1956. In 1970 George Soros, by now a prominent investor in the capital markets, started Soros Fund Management which is currently known as Quantum Fund Endowment.

Philanthropy is George Soros middle man. Presently his total donations stand at $12 Billion. He has donated to numerous charitable organizations through his Open Society Foundation which he founded in 1984. A generous donor, his contributions are in support of Democratic causes, education, medical, human rights, discrimination causes. Open Society Foundation is well known of its support for discriminated groups such LGBT, sex workers, and drug addicts. George Soros Foundations has charitable activities in over 100 countries. Learn more on about George Soros.

Soros has a heart for politics and is presently the largest independent donor. During the 2004 presidential elections, he donated $27 Million to John Kerry’s campaign, in a bid to oust George Bush over his stand on the Iraqi war. Though George Soros had publicly declared that he would claw back on his political donations, records at the Federal Elections Commission tell a different story. George Soros funded the Clinton presidential campaign to a tune of $25 Million.

Politics has always had a center place in his heart. George Soros understands that the government in power and some of the Democratic candidates he has funded can advocate and influence his causes all over the world. His other significant political donations include; $5 Million to a Super Pac associated with Clinton on Priorities USA Action, He also donated a similar amount to the Immigrants Voters Win, a super PAC that targets to increase the voter turnout of Hispanic immigrants to sway votes in the primary states. Learn more about George at Biography.

In 2005, he helped form the Democracy Alliance, a secret club of major donors. This time, the donations were channeled towards projects fighting against income inequality, massive money influences on governments and intellectual infrastructure.

Besides being an investments mogul, George Soros is a family man. In 2013, George married Tamiko Bolton, and he has five children. Soros is an author of bestselling books such as The Tragedy of the European Union, The Age of Fallibility, and Open Society.

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Dick DeVos and His Worthy Goal

Dick DeVos and His Worthy Goal

Dick DeVos has an extensive work experience and a long resume that is full of accomplishments, achievements, among many awards that have all recognized this individual for being an excellent member of the business community as well as an innovator who has been able to inspire countless customers as well as employees to be the best that they can be. Dick DeVos has had a long career working at Amway Corporation, the family business that his father, Richard DeVos, built from the ground up. Dick DeVos has over four decades of experience within the world of business and has exceed his expectations and has truly made his father as well as the rest of his family proud.


Dick DeVos started working in the world of business long before a formal education. Before even attending college, Dick DeVos continued to hangout in the office of his family as he watched the business of Amway Corporation continue to grow and continue to expand into an international company that made international sales. It was not until Dick DeVos graduated with a degree in economics that he became a true member of the Amway Corporation family and was able to work his way up through the ranks to eventually become the CEO of the company. Though Dick DeVos shared the family name, his determination as well as his hard work were all of his own doing.


Dick DeVos joined the company at the lowest rank and was able to rise through the ranks by the fact that he was a hard worker and that he continued to demonstrate exceptional leadership. Dick DeVos created a name for himself in his own right that continues to be remembered. When reading up on Dick DeVos, I was taken aback by not only his success story, but also his humbleness, despite the fact that he came from wealthy means. From reading, Dick DeVos has worked hard in order to distinguish himself as a name that is more than the name of the DeVos family.


Dick DeVos has worked hard to make his father proud and to build on the legacy of the family name. In addition to his success within the world of business, Dick DeVos has also become a prominent philanthropist who has created numerous foundations and has put much time as well as effort into making sure that individuals succeed despite their meager means or their current financial status.