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Kevin Seawright is Offering Real Estate Solutions for Property Management

Kevin Seawright is Offering Real Estate Solutions for Property Management

Property management has become so important today and having a person like Kevin Seawright providing you with the information on real estate solutions is crucial.

With over 13 years in real estate and property management, he has gained great experience in real estate solutions. He is currently the managing partner and the Chief Operating Officer of the RPS Solutions a firm that deals with real estate. He joined the company in 2015. His goal has to been to provide solutions that are going to help the different people to own homes.

His career in the finance and real estate kicked off in 2001. He was working as the managing Fiscal Officer at the City of Baltimore. He operated in this position for one year. He later served as payroll director of the city.

According to Market Wired, in 2002 Kevin Seawright joined the Baltimore city department of housing as the finance director. He has also served in the position of chief financial officer. Kevin Seawright was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the Baltimore City Government from 2005 to 2011.

He continued to grow in the sector, and he left the government to join the Tito contractors. He was the vice president operations in Washington DC. For one year he was the executive director of operations for the Collington Episcopal life care community.

Before joining the RPS solutions, he was the executive vice president and chief financial officer. He was involved in providing solutions for startup real estate.

From 2004-2006 he was engaged with doing his Master of business administration from the Alamda University. To improve his skills and knowledge in leadership, he went to the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of business. He was involved in studying the Fundraising and Grant strategies, Principal of Leading Transformational Nonprofits and leading nonprofit boards.

In addition to his extraordinary career, he has been involved in different causes that are dear to him. He is the basketball coach of the Suffolk Virginia Recreation. Kevin Seawright also cares about education and economic empowerment. He loves sports, reading, and technology. He also loves to help other people succeed.

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