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Livio Bisterzo Has A New Line Of Snacks

Livio Bisterzo Has A New Line Of Snacks

Finding a great snack on the market today is not always easy. Many snacks contain all sorts of unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, fat and other items that can contribute to weight gain. Such snacks may also contain unwanted items such as additives that are not always very healthy. One modern entrepreneur has realized that the time is ripe for a new kind of snack, one that offers something that is highly satisfying and full of flavor and yet also nutritious at the same time.

This is why Livio Bisterzo developed a new line snacks that he knows people in the United States and around the world will just love. His new line of Hippeas are specially created in order to offer snackers something delicious yet help them avoid calories they don’t want to have in their lives.

A New Line

The new line of snacks are called Hippeas (@hippeas_snacks). Made from all natural, organic ingredients, each kind offers a taste sensation that he knows his customers will enjoy. In an effort to help offer flavors that he knows people can enjoy on different days, he and his company officials at Green Park Brands have decided to offer the snack in six separate varieties. Each variety has been carefully developed in order to provide people with snack sensations and flavor profiles that are designed to help them enjoy a snack that is about an explosion of pleasing flavor the second they eat it. Flavors such as maple, siracha, paprika and cumin have been created that they know people will love the second they taste them.

A Background In Business

Livio Bisterzo has an extensive background in the field of business. His work in this field spans many decades. Thanks to his hard work, he has been able to be involved in many important business ventures over the years, allowing him to create a career that is highly satisfying and one that allows him to spend time with his three children and wife at his home base in Los Angeles. As a native of Italy, he grew up surrounded with good food. He knows that it is important to be mindful of the kind of snacks that people consume each day. His goal is to tap into his own background and demonstrate how it is possible to create snacks that taste good but also offer great nutrition as well.

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