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“The Big Apple” Falls For Academy Of Art University Graduates

“The Big Apple” Falls For Academy Of Art University Graduates

The partnership between New York Fashion Week and the Academy of Art University would hardly seem stronger than it would appear to be in 2017 after one of the most successful weeks in the history of the art institution. In total, ten graduates from the Academy of Art University showed their latest collections at the world famous event to a crowd including many luminaries of the New York fashion scene who gave their enthusiastic support to the work of the students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The 21 shows created by Academy of Art University graduates including both menswear and womenswear collections which only added to the excitement surrounding the event for those familiar with this historic liberal arts college. One of the most anticipated collections at New York Fashion Week was that created by Dina Marie Lam, a Los Angeles native who has used her time at the Academy of Art University to become a rising star in the fashion industry after being named Super Intern and named to the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase. Some of the most striking designs shown at New York Fashion Week by Academy of Art University graduates were created by international students such as China’s Saya Shen and Mexico-born Carlos Rodriguez.

The success of the Academy of Art University graduates in bringing their work to New York Fashion Week is all the more striking when one considers the San Francisco-based art school only made the move into fashion in the 1990s; prior to the arrival of Elisa Stephens as President of the school the focus had largely been placed on the development of marketing and advertising skills.

Offering Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees under the leadership of Elisa Stephens has resulted in a sharp increase in numbers of students attending the school, including over 25 programs offered on campus and Online. The success of the Academy of Art University has seen the school spread its reach across much of San Francisco with dorms found across the city accessed by a private bus fleet bringing students to campus.

Fabletic’s raising the Scales in Clothing Market

Fabletic’s raising the Scales in Clothing Market

Under the current market, starting up and keeping a clothing brand alive is an uphill task. This is because of the big players that have already established in the market with a huge customer base. These players include Amazon which controls over 20 percent of the clothing market. This, however, did not deter Kate Hudson from establishing Fabletics. Fabletics has applied strategic and well thought selling techniques which have made it overgrow from scratch to being valued at $250 million all over a three-year period.


Fabletics took into serious consideration that price and quality no longer define how successful business is going to emerge. They instead decided to focus on things like exclusive & personalized designs, positive customer experience, and reviews to boost their recognition & specific specs required by customers. Most important to their success is their unique show-rooming technique referred as reverse show-rooming.


The reverse show-rooming ensures that they only stock the products which their customers require in their physical stores. In reverse show-rooming, they have embraced the online marketing element with the physical selling. The idea was that many people search online for products before actually buying them. They keep track of what customers like and check on most and in turn stock the same in their stores. The reverse showrooming is all about building relationships and personalizing the customer experience. The data obtained online is therefore carefully scrutinized so that what the customer wants can be understood and put into use.


Kate Hudson was strategically chosen by the two founders of Fabletics, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg, to spearhead the growth of Fabletics. The duo said that Kate’s lifestyle and approachable nature made her the best candidate for the idea they had in mind. Kate took over the role with full enthusiast and has been involved in the growth of the market all the way. From making and deciding on budgets, to selecting a social media strategy and even the specific designs, Kate has always been involved.


Kate works closely with the whole team to ensure a smooth running of the business. She says that she is happy for her immense growth and development in the business world. She also says that it is good that it feels good to be on top of something which she has worked for! Despite all her success in business, she still maintains that her calling is to be an actress and she will never run away from that no matter what height she reaches.

All That Goes Into Style With Fabletics

All That Goes Into Style With Fabletics

There is so much that goes into the style of clothes. Among the different factors that people pay attention to when it comes to style are colors, cuts, length, shape, and plenty of other aspects. One of the best luxuries for people when it comes to clothing is to be able to choose how much of the body to cover up and what parts of the body to show. Having all of these options is actually quite exciting for people. However, they don’t get to experience this in every area of fashion. For instance, there have been limits to the variety of clothes available in activewear.


Fortunately, Fabletics has come in to provide athletes with more variety in the clothes that are available to them. Fabletics has brought the styles of athleisure to the mainstream. This allows people to experience a similar level of variety with activewear. One of the best things about this type of variety is that people are going to be able to customize their own style and be unique. For the more fashionable people, this means bringing out a sense of uniqueness.


Another good thing about Fabletics is that it has followed important rules for success. Kate Hudson herself has thought about everything. Among the things she has done was pay close attention to the market. She has identified a gap in the market. She has also looked at all of the possible trends and found the ones that are most profitable. Afterwards, she has thought about the marketing aspects of the company so that people will know about the company and the products. People who are looking for an example of a successful business. Fabletics is the type of business to follow.


One thing that Fabletics does that innovates in the market is pay special attention to the customers and base all of their new products on what they know about customers. Therefore, people are going to find a new item here and there. The only thing is that they have to hurry to get the items because this is often a test run of the products.

Deere on Being a Female Entrepreneur

Deere on Being a Female Entrepreneur

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime makeup, has made a name for her brand by the colorful and bold looks it creates. The “Queen of the Unicorns” is known for her passion for breaking the fashion rules. Her story of how she made it big shows how anyone from all walks of life can become a huge success.

Doe Deere is a Russian born beauty that moved to New York city at the young age of 17. She moved there to fulfill her big dream of becoming a musician.

Her time in New York is also when she met her husband. In a band together, the two learned how to collaborate well. Her experience as a musician helped her learn how to be successful at building herself and her brand. She learned about career and marketing and how to show appreciation to those who come out to events.

She’s always been an entrepreneur, at the early age of 13 she sold temporary tattoos to her friends. With her imagination, ambition, and personality, she learned how to build a successful business. Her love for color and her imagination landed her in the beauty industry. Her advice for those who wish to be in the beauty industry is to follow your passion.

Lime Crime started in 2008 based on Doe Deere’s desire to find bold colors. Around that time, people were into the natural look and bold, vibrant colors were hard to find. She wanted her make up to give women the freedom to be themselves. Deere also studied at FIT in New York, majoring in fashion design. Her education taught her the basics of how the industry worked.

Lime Crime’s goal is to change the way make up is used. Deere wants women to use it for more than cover up; she wants women to use it as a form of expression. She uses the ecommerce platform to showcase customer created looks. Her Instagram page is full of how real women use her bold products. Deere also showcases her lip glosses on real women instead of the lip swatch. Lime Crime is changing the way women use make up.

Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere.

New And Compelling Promotions From Fabletics

New And Compelling Promotions From Fabletics

There is a lot more to running a successful business than many people realize. In order to bring a business to success and keep it there, there has to be promotions. The promotions can be something as simple as discounts. However, there can be a bit of creativity in the efforts to bring out the customers. Fashion is very effective when it comes to promotions. After all, it is not always enough for people to be hit with the desire to look good, they also have to be given a chance to look good on a budget since there are always financial challenges.


Fabletics has a wealth of promotions. Among the promotions it has currently are sales in items of up to 70% off for new VIP members. This encourages people to not only sign up, but also take advantage of all of the offers that they are interested in. Fabletics has posted a lot of coupons online in order for customers to spend less on new outfits and accessories. As with other promotions from other businesses, it is important for people to take advantage quickly because some of these promotions will be gone very shortly.


Fabletics also has a current bra personality quiz. This allows women to answer a questionnaire that will take them to the types of bras that are best suited to them. This quiz is posted on Facebook.


The staff of Fabletics are always willing to listen to customer’s concerns about the products. Among the things they like to assure their customers of is the quality of the items. When it comes to a lot of items offered at clothing retailers, they tend to be thin and very frail. As a result, women have to spend a little more money on clothes. However, Fabletics makes sure that the products are durable.


Fabletics is a company that is definitely going to take over the fashion industry for no other reason than it has durable products for women. The clothing that it has to offer women is very comfortable and offers a lot of breathing women. Therefore, women can be stylish without hurting themselves. They can also walk around with a greater sense of confidence that often comes with the knowledge that one is dressed in a stylish manner. Fabletics is quickly becoming the new company to go to for fashion. More people are walking away from Amazon. For one thing, Amazon has a lot of the fragile clothes for women.