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Eric Pulier’s Contribution as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier’s Contribution as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, published author, public speaker, columnist, and technologist. He has also founded more than 15 companies and has contributed significantly to raising millions of dollars for the various endeavors he has co-founded and established. Some businesses that Eric has co-founded and founded include Akana, Media Platform, Digital Evolution and ServiceMesh. Some of the charitable organizations and capital funds that he has invested include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and Tridal Capital. Pulier is also a board member of The Painted Turtle and is the father of four children.

Eric Pulier’s Education

In 1984, Eric completed high school from Teaneck High School and went on to pursue his BA at Harvard University. During the year 1988, he graduated from the Harvard University and where he studied English and American Literature during his collegiate career.

Government Projects Undertaken

The Bridge to the 21st Century was built and run by Mr.Pulier for Al Gore and Bill Clinton. On successful completion of the project, Mr.Pulier was featured on various news stations describing and applauding his work. He also organized the live-feed from Space Shuttle during which he gave interactions with the astronauts on the shuttle. He worked on several other technology and health care committees Al Gore and his team.

His Philanthropic Work

Eric Pulier was also an active philanthropist and has contributed significantly towards solving problems in physically impaired children and economically disadvantaged communities with the use of technology. For the Africa benefit event in 2010, Eric was the top-billed honouree. Moreover, he also took steps to give the under-served communities a low-cost cloud computing resource as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Eric is also a financial donor for non-profit organizations. Pulier manages and designed competitions that are meant to appreciate and encourage the building of technological systems that help to make the community a better place for people.

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