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Talos Energy Part of the team Rescuing Mexico’s Ailing Oil Industry

Talos Energy Part of the team Rescuing Mexico’s Ailing Oil Industry

The ailing Mexico’s oil industry can be attributed to the decision by the Mexico’s government to nationalize the sector in 1938. After the nationalization, most of the activities in the sector were undertaken by Petroleos Mexicanos, popularly known as Pemex. However, the sector is on a path to recovery following a decision by Mexico to welcome foreign companies, interested in the oil industry, back into her borders.

In 2015, Talos Energy, Premier Oil, and Sierra Oil & Gas were awarded rights to prospect oil in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. The three companies won the rights in the first round of bidding. The companies agreed to work together in a joint venture that will see the first non-Pemex oil well drilled in over 80 years.

The three companies are working on their first project, the Zama-1 well. The well is located at Sureste Basin. Premier Oil issued a statement indicating that the well holds crude oil in excess of 500 million barrels. The report further suggested that the well is likely to be functional in close to 90 days. Premier Oil said that the Zama-1 well would cost them $16 million.

The Zama-1 well has enthused many oil industry experts and investors as well. Elaine Reynolds, an analyst at Edison Investment Research, welcomed the news about Zama. He stressed that Zama being the first non-Pemex well will likely generate a lot of interest from the oil industry. He also added that the project is likely to succeed owing to the structure of the basin around the well. Charlie Sharp, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity, supported Reynolds’ views; he stated that Zama could revolutionize the Mexican oil industry.

Talos Energy owns 35% stake in the Zama-1 project. The company was founded in 2012, and it is based in Houston. It is a privately held company with business interests in Gulf of Mexico, oil & gas, and exploration & production. Tim Duncan is the Chief Executive of Talos. Talos energy has over 200 employees.

Talos employees have continually found pride in working for the company. Perhaps, it is because the management of the company allows them to own part of Talos.

Julia Jackson Active Involvement in the Wine Business

Julia Jackson Active Involvement in the Wine Business

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson was born and brought up in San Francisco in a family of winemakers. Her passion for wine developed when she was a little girl. During the summer break, she would learn wine production and also worked at their family’s winery. Her father, the late Jess Jackson, encouraged his children to work hard and be grateful for their success. These virtues of hard work have been her driving force in her career at her family’s wine business.Currently, she is the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, a company owned by her family. The company is known to make famous wines that are distributed worldwide.

Educational Background

In 2010, Julia acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Scripps College. She also got a master’s degree in Business from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her educational background prepared her for her role in the marketing department of her family business.She gives back to the community through community programs that her family business donates to annually.Julia Jackson

Seeds of Empowerment

Seeds of Empowerment was founded through one of the family’s Winery, Cambria. This organization was created to empower women across the globe to do great things in leadership positions and charity organizations.Through annual grants of $100,000, Seeds of Empowerment support these organizations with their mission of making a difference in the world. Julia Jackson makes watercolor paintings that have featured in the Cambria wine bottles to honor past grant beneficiaries.

Wine Brands Produced by Jackson Family Wines

Champ de Reves-This brand was established in 2010 by winemaker Eric Johannsen in CaliforniaCalina. This brand of wine is produced by winemaker Randy Ullom in Chile.Lately, she has been spotted in A-list events alongside celebrities, as she gifts them wine gift baskets. This is part of marketing the Jackson Family Wines.

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Philanthropist George Soros Stands Tall Amid Rising Extremism

Philanthropist George Soros Stands Tall Amid Rising Extremism

George Soros knows how to make money, but he might be even better at giving it away. Famous in political circles for his generous donations to left-leaning politicians, his deeper interest humanitarian causes is revealed by an abiding dedication to fostering democracy worldwide. Soros’ Open Society Foundations, which operates in more than 100 countries and dedicates itself to fighting for civil liberties, has cemented his reputation as one of the leading advocates for poor and vulnerable people around the world.The now-billionaire didn’t start out that way. Born to a middle class Jewish family in Hungary, he saw his country invaded by the Nazis when he was only 13 years old. During the occupation his father worked tirelessly to protect other Jewish families from deportation to concentration camps, a heroic demonstration of altruism that was to influence the young Soros for the rest of his life. In 1947 he migrated to England, where he worked odd jobs to finance his studies at the London School of Economics.

It wasn’t long after completing his education that he found his way to the banking world. He cut his teeth at several institutions before founding Soros Fund Management in 1970.The end of that decade marked the beginning of his long philanthropic career. By 1984 he founded the Open Society Institute (eventually Open Society Foundations), a grantmaking network that gets its name from Karl Popper’s 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies. He had an early interest in funding democratic resistance movements in communist states, especially in Eastern Europe. Following the collapse of the USSR he played a key role in advising the new governments on their transition to democratic, free market systems.

Doubtless influenced by his early experiences, Soros has been especially committed to protecting refugees’ and immigrants’ rights and has petitioned governments to accept a greater number of refugees fleeing from war-torn nations. This put him in opposition to the recent US presidential election of Donald Trump, which has been connected to strong anti-immigrant sentiment by both supporters and opposition alike. Though donating extensively to opponent and longtime friend Hillary Clinton’s campaign, this time the tidal wave of public paranoia was more than Soros could counter.But at 87 there’s at least one thing Soros has learned to do as well as anything: persevere. With the rise of right-wing extremism there’s more work to do now than ever. And with the ongoing efforts of his powerful Open Societies Foundations it’s almost certain Soros’ influence in fighting authoritarianism and poverty will be felt for many years to come.

Aloha Construction Growth Plans for Lake Zurich

Aloha Construction Growth Plans for Lake Zurich

The construction business is strong in many areas of the country. As the housing market continues to improve, many people are willing to spend money on their home to improve the value of it. Aloha Construction specializes in helping homeowners with remodel projects. A lot of people take out a home equity loan to remodel their kitchen or a bathroom. This is a big investment, and homeowners want to make sure they get quality service in the process.

Customer Service

One of the things that separates Aloha Construction from other construction companies is their commitment to customer service. A lot of construction companies are just interested in making money quickly off of customers.

Aloha Construction takes a different approach in operating the business. The company tells employees to focus on customer service first. Although there are times when the company takes a financial hit on a project, they believe that this is an investment in the brand of the business.

Remodel Projects

Some homeowners wrongly assume that remodel projects are easy to deal with. However, many remodel projects take more time and money than people originally plan for.

Working with Aloha Construction on a project takes the stress out of the process. In the beginning, someone will come to your property to analyze your vision for the home. They will give an estimate of the job, and then they will get to work as soon as they have someone available. Aloha Construction tries to complete every project on time and within the allotted financial budget.

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The Entrepreneurial Fiber in Mike Baur

The Entrepreneurial Fiber in Mike Baur

Mike Baur was born in Schaffhausen and grew up in Freiburg. He did an apprenticeship at UBS in Friborg. The apprenticeship led him to being appointed as the assistant to the managing director of private banking Switzerland at UBS in Zurich, in 2000. In 2008, he became the CEO of Clariden Leu. When he left UBS, he took the opportunity to recruit former employees which brought major accounts to Clariden Leu.


Mike has shaken the quiet management of private banks. Mike was appointed director of private banking for Switzerland. After a few months, Mike leaves when Clariden Leu changed hands and became Credit Suisse. Before founding Start up Factory, Mike pursued advisory mandates for large assets in Switzerland.


Mike Baur co-founded Start up Factory with his partners Max Meiser and Oliver Wolzer, with the advice of his mentor Jean-Claude Biver. Start up Factory was founded in December 2014. Start up is a factory to assemble the Swiss companies of tomorrow, piece by piece like a watch. The company has early-stage projects that are active in the digital world lining up at the gates, to be a part of the Start up Factory. The mandates that Mike Baur persuaded take up 30 percent of his time. The rest of his time is dedicated to the Start up Factory. Mike is responsible for the fundraising and financial rounds at the Swiss Start up Factory.


Through out the year of 2016 many things involving Mike Baur have occurred. Some of these things include, Start up Factory’s partnership with Fintech Fusion in February. In January, Swiss Start up Factory partnered with CTI. At this time, Mike was named Deputy Managing Director of CTI. Also in the early months of the year, Mike put the Swiss Start up Factory through Goldback Group’s accelerator program. Towards the end of 2016 Mike’s career was profiled in the Wall Street Journal. They touched on the parts of his 20 plus year career ranging from Swiss Banking to entrepreneurship and included start up investments. The University of St. Gallen had a start-up pitching contest called START Summitter, on which Mike Baur was a jury member.


Logan Stout – Helping Boost The Growth Of IDLife

Logan Stout – Helping Boost The Growth Of IDLife

The stressful and hectic lifestyle of the people can bring a lot of harm to them in the later life. It is also important for the people to see what they are eating and how much they are eating, as obesity and overweight problems can lead to many different health issues. These days it has become essential for the people to take health supplements to compensate for the missing vitamins and minerals in the regular meals people have these days.

An extra supplement or two always helps in ensuring that the body is getting a full dose of vitamins and minerals. One of the companies that have been on the top in the field of personalized nutrition is IDLife, which was founded by Logan Stout, one of the leading serial entrepreneurs, successful businessman, keynote speaker, and an author.

Logan Stout has started many businesses successfully over the years, which has generated returns in billions of dollars. He has proven his skills time and again of being a great leader and a team worker, which is why he is often called upon as a keynote speaker to talk about team work and developing leadership skills.

Along with the motivational speaker, John Maxwell, Logan Stout has also started a personality development program. As the CEO of IDLife, Logan Stout has been able to push the company’s growth to great heights, and today, the company has customers from across the world. IDLife has grown manifolds in size and turnover since its inception under the leadership of Logan Stout.

IDLife is a company that also allows its users to earn a substantial amount of money by becoming the company’s agent and reselling the product. The membership of the company is highly affordable, and people do not have to invest tonnes of money to get their business started with IDLife. Logan Stout has extensive experience in the direct and indirect selling businesses, which is why he has modeled the IDLife’s sale procedures similarly.

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Adam Milstein Creates Connections In The Jewish-Israeli Community

Adam Milstein Creates Connections In The Jewish-Israeli Community

Adam Milstein is a respected real estate investor and philanthropist, and founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is also the co-founder of the California non-profit called the Israeli-American Council.

Adam Milstein helped to create the Israeli-American Council for three reasons: to bolster the State of Israel and its people, to foster a stronger bond between American and Israeli Jewish residents and to enable a community of over 5.5 million Jewish and Israeli residents to have meaningful dialogue and share experiences with each other. Adam Milstein and the Council believes it’s important for younger generations to make strong bonds for a healthier culture. Adam Milstein has led the Israeli-American Council to new heights, as they encourage social activism, cultural education and connections in the American and Israeli Jewish communities.


Adam Milstein holds his American-Jewish identity close; he was born in Haifa but loves being American too, and aims to share this dual identity with others. He and his wife Gila are active philanthropists. Together they created the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to help Jewish youth connect with their roots. Adam Milstein divides his time as a Board member for Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, the Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, Stand By Me and the Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships. Adam Milstein has devoted his life to philanthropy because it’s his passion. Helping his community connect, combating hate groups and supporting cultural education doesn’t feel like work to Adam – to him it’s a gift to be able to direct his energies in pursuit of a better world. Adam Milstein stands as a role model to all who wish to engage in philanthropic activities because he not only helps fund non-profits, but also does the heavy lifting as a team player.

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Madison Street Capital Invests In Global Business

Madison Street Capital Invests In Global Business

Madison Street Capital works with businesses all over the world and provides them with top of the line business advice. They have helped various organizations to complete complicated transactions, make responsible and money saving investment decisions, and help people to gain access to credit. The Madison Street Capital reputation has soared as a result of their explore service and devotion to success and finer details.


They provided help to Vital Care Industries in 2014. They helped the medical supply company select the correct lender and also got them a commercial loan. The chief executive of the company released a statement proclaiming his excitement about working with Madison Street Capital and his pleasure at the service they received. Just one year after working with Vital Care, they were given an award from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. They gave an award to the Madison Street Capital co-founder, Anthony Marsala, for a 40 Under Forty award. In addition to being the founder, Marsala is also the chief operating officer. His 14 years of experience have been built on his solid education background where he earned a master’s degree.


In 2016, Madison Street Capital was also a finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards, which is a ceremony for finance professionals. These awards are chosen based on recommendations from companies that have impressive restructuring, financing, and acquisitions deals. Madison Street Capital was nominated by experts as the best boutique investment banking firm of the year. They also won a Turnaround Award and received praise from the M&A Advisor’s president in 2017. That same year, Madison Street Capital was the sol advisor for ARES Security Corporation, as they worked through subordinated debt and minority recapitalization.


Madison Street Capital currently has over 100 in hour deals that are worked on under exclusive contracts. They only hire the country’s top professionals and these employees have worked with many companies int he Public and Private sector. They have also represented the boards, special committees, and shareholders of these companies. Madison Street Capital-BD is the broker dealer of Madison Street Capital. They are a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority member, which means they have vowed to provide exceptional service and results. Madison Street Capital is involved in business dealings all over the world involving financial opinions, evaluations, merger advice, acquisitions, and financial advising services. They are also known for their success in creating risk management in terms of hedge funds.


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Jeremy Goldstein: Find the Best Legal Services Through an Online Portal

Jeremy Goldstein: Find the Best Legal Services Through an Online Portal

With the advancement of technology, every service can now be conveniently and easily accessed through online platforms. Legal services have not also been left behind. In New York, people have found a new way to access legal services from people who match their legal needs.


New York Bar Association in partnership with has formed an online referral portal, Lawyer Referral and Information Service. This portal is accessible to people looking for a trusted lawyer all day round. For New Yorkers seeking legal services of their best and trusted lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein can now access their services on the portal. Here is how the portal works.


Filling of a Questionnaire

A person seeking legal services visits a specified website to fill a confidential questionnaire describing their location and legal issues.


Matching of Client and Attorney

After reviewing the questionnaire, the state bar staff matches the client with the nearest attorney and who offers the requested services.


Communication with County Bar

If the location of the client seeking legal services falls within New York’s 17 counties and the county has a local lawyer referral service, the New York state bar will refer the request to the respective county bar association.


Charges and Payment

Referrals are free. However, once the client has started talking to the lawyer whom they got through a referral, they are charged $35 for the initial 30 minutes consultation. After the initial consultations, individuals are not obligated to retain the lawyer. However, if they do, they will have to negotiate the legal fees on their terms.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned NY attorney. He is the founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LCC, a law firm dedicated to providing legal services to business executives and other corporate affairs. He played the role of a partner at Wachtell, Rosen, Lipton, and Katz prior to starting his firm.


Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has a Juris Doctor, Law from the NY University School of Law. He is currently the Chairman of Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of American Bar Association’s Business Section.


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Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

Although Doe Deere, “Queen of the Unicorns“, has been known to be colorful and bold, her morning beauty routine is relatively normal. Before heading to Lime Crime headquarters, Doe gives readers an insight into her daily morning routine from the time she wakes up to the time she heads out the door.


Doe states that she loves waking up in the morning at 8:30 am. She proclaims that her clear skin is a result of getting 9 solid hours of sleep every night. She states that she does not need an alarm clock, but that her body somehow knows to wake up at the appropriate time every morning. She then heads to her kitchen to gulp a full glass of fresh water. Doe currently lives in Los Angles where the air is very hot and dry, so she states that keeping hydrated is very important.


Her breakfast is rather simple. She enjoys eating grits (a hot cereal similar to cream of wheat), fruit and yogurt. She also likes to drink fresh squeezed orange juice using the oranges from her own tree.


Although Doe likes to limit her cell phone usage in the morning, she has a few priorities that she takes care of. This includes checking her Instagram, replying to emails and participating in her company chat with Lime Crime team members. She also checks the calendar on her phone to keep her on schedule.


Doe Deere stated that her favorite part of the morning is her skincare and makeup routine. While listening to her favorite music, Doe proceeds to wash her face with her favorite wash called “Glossier” in which she enjoys the rose-scented fragrance. She then applies moisturizer by Murad before putting on her makeup.


Her makeup routine is rather simplistic. After using one of two foundations, she sets it with a powder and fills in her brows. She stays true to her colorful makeup look and selects lipsticks and blushes from the Lime Crime line to complete her look.


For her hair, Doe likes to wash it the night before so it can be dry for the next morning. She likes to wear her hair in large curls to easily display her bright purple hair.


Before Doe leaves for the day, she enjoys spending time with her 2 cats Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. She pets them, kisses them and professes her love for them.


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