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Anthony Petrello: The Man Wearing Many Hats

Anthony Petrello: The Man Wearing Many Hats

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited since 28th October 2011, and as its President since 1992. Mr. Petrello also serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries, Inc. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Limited since 1991.

Mr. Anthony Petrello also served as the managing partner in the firm of Baker & Mckenzie in its New York office, from 1979 to 1991. Mr. Anthony Petrello wears many hats. He has been the chairman of the Board Of Nabors Industries Limited since June 2012.

Anthony Petrello served as the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries from June 2003 to 2012. Mr. Anthony Petrello also wears many directorship hats. He has been a Director of Stewart and Stevenson LLC since February 28th 2011. He also serves as a Director at Texas Children’s hospital and His positions both presently and in the past show that he is a committed individual who takes pride in serving humanity and making a difference. Mr. Anthony Petrello has dedicated his time and effort to providing his expertise in various fields.

Referring to his educational background, Mr. Anthony Petrello holds a JD from Harvard University and B.S and M.S in Mathematics from the Yale University. Nabors Industries was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy Limited. The company is currently based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The expertise of the company is in oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling. The company operates in America, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

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United State Money Reserve New Approach

United State Money Reserve New Approach

The US Money Reserve doesn’t just want to be an information source for gold and silver investing, they want customers coming back for more and getting excited about purchasing bullion. That’s why they decided to overhaul the company website with brand new pages and features. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The idea behind this overhaul was to give users a more enhanced view of the information while also making the website compatible for all devices. Along with the website overhaul US Money Reserve made their Client-Connect Advantage platform better, a way that customers can receive offline help when making a purchase or a return from US Money Reserve’s team of experts.

US Money Reserve brought Philip N. Diehl on board as president not long after their founding. Diehl is a former US Mint Director who won many recognitions during his time in office and helped turn the US Mint into a more customer-friendly government department.

Diehl started several bullion programs at the US Mint including the Sacagawea gold dollar and the 50 State Quarters. Diehl also recently came out and explained why he would eliminate the penny to save money at the US Mint and also was one of the architects behind the minting of the first ever platinum coin.

Diehl joined the US Money Reserve because he was pleased with their vision and commitment to ethics and responsibility. He’s helped US Money Reserve put together information for users on how they can invest in gold and why they should.

The primary reason to invest in gold and silver is protect your current funds and investments from economic turmoil. Given the current state of the US Dollar and the unpredictability of the Trump administration, gold and silver have gained a lot of profit in recent days. And should negative interest rates start hitting banks gold and silver will not be subject to those same problems.

Gold and silver each have their own advantages and risks, and US Money Reserve has information on which you should consider investing in depending on your goals. Usually experts recommend gold or silver coins for investing due to being recognized as legal tender, but there are certainly times to invest in bars or bricks as well.

US Money Reserve can also help customers buy safes to store their assets in and can also help transfer funds from an IRA or other investment account to a gold or silver investment. More information is posted at

Connect With Jeremy Goldstein on the Newest Online Portal for Lawyer Referral Service NY

Connect With Jeremy Goldstein on the Newest Online Portal for Lawyer Referral Service NY

People usually need lawyers for various reasons ranging from handling criminal matters, child custody issues, writing will, and testaments, handling landlord-tenant problems, and numerous other legal issues. Finding a good lawyer is never a walk in the park. That said, the residents of New York have something to smile about.



According to a post on Madison County Courier website, New Yorkers have a new and highly convenient means of finding a lawyer within their community who has extensive experience to handle their respective legal issues. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched an online portal to help individuals who are searching for a lawyer. The online portal is available round the clock every day of the week. However, if they wish to, New Yorkers may continue to utilize LRIS’s telephone services.



How to use the portal

The user visits the website ( Then he or she fills a confidential questionnaire to help describe his or her legal problem, as well as location.

The employees of the New York State Bar Association review the form and then match the individual with the right attorney.

If the user resides in one of counties where lawyer referral services are available, the State Bar forwards the application to the appropriate county bar association

While the referrals are free, the client is required to pay $35 for the first half an hour consultation. However, if your case pertains to personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, veterans & military law, worker’s or unemployment compensation, you are exempted from paying the consultation fee.

After the first consultation, you do not have an obligation of retaining the lawyer. However, should you decide to work with the attorney, the both of you will determine the additional fee



About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC – a boutique law company that specializes in offering advisory services to compensation committees, chief executive officers, and management teams. The company also advises companies on corporate governance and executive compensation matters on a need basis particularly during sensitive situations and transformative corporate events.



Jeremy Goldstein studied Bachelor of Arts, Art History at Cornell University between 1991 and 1995. He immediately joined the University of Chicago to pursue his Masters of Arts, Art History. From 1996 to 1999, Jeremy Goldstein studied Juris Doctor at New York University School of Law. Before founding his practice, he was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz for 14 years (July 2000 – June 2014).

Mike Baur Leads Top Company

Mike Baur Leads Top Company

Mike Baur has established himself as one of the top business people in Switzerland. After a long career in banking and investing in startup companies, he has co founded Swiss Startup Factory. The company was founded with the intention of providing mentorship and coaching to various startup businesses. With this company, Baur has been able to create a firm that will help entrepreneurs find more ways to make their companies successful. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur himself, Mike would spend a number of years investing in various startup companies. This allowed him to learn about these types of companies and take advantage of their profit potential. When he first began his career, Mike worked in the banking industry where he would help businesses seek and obtain funding for their operations.


Swiss Startup Factory was co founded by Mike Baur. The company provides lots of assistance to entrepreneurs who are looking to get the most out of their business ventures. The company provides coaching and mentorship which gives businesses the guidance they need in order to maximize their potential. This firm provides guidance for a number of things such as marketing, product development, management and also finance. With assistance in these aspects, many entrepreneurs are able to ensure that their companies become successful enterprises.


Baur’s firm works by holding an event which allows businesses the opportunity to pitch their idea. At this event, Mike evaluates each business idea and chooses the ones that have the most potential. Once they are chosen, Swiss Startup Factory will then provide its mentorship to each business. It will work with businesses every step of the way which helps entrepreneurs get the help they need on a consistent basis.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mike Baur had a couple of other careers. His first career was in the banking sector. When he worked for various banks, he would help entrepreneurs and business managers get financing for either starting up or expansion. Baur would sit with business leaders and discuss their needs for financing. He would then analyze and evaluate the financial situation of the entrepreneur and their business’ profit potential. After two decades in the banking industry, Mike would then begin investing in startup businesses. He discovered that many startup companies had the ability to generate high profits and therefore he looked to take advantage of this trend. Mike would participate in startup investing for ten years before starting up his own company.

10 Best Water Names Waiakea The 2017 Best Water Brand of the Year

10 Best Water Names Waiakea The 2017 Best Water Brand of the Year

Waiakea, a leading bottled water company headquartered in Culver City, California is listed as number one on the list of best water brands in the U.S. 10 Best Water named Waiakea Water the Best Water Brand of 2017 based on its quantitative and qualitative rankings.

The brand is highly recommended and noted for its great taste, commitment to conservation, social consciences, and purity. Waiakea is ranked higher than its competitors, including SmartWater, Icelandic Glacial, Voss, Fiji, and Voss. This is the third consecutive year the company’s bottle water product has ranked number one on the list of best water. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Ryan Emmons, Founder of Waiakea Brand Bottled Water told News 9 their goal is to change the bottled water industry by setting a positive example for the CPG industry. He said they have a product that continues to be recognized for their environmental and philanthropic endeavors.

The brand is the first bottled water in the nation to receive CarbonNeutral Certification with 100 percent RPET packaging. Grubstreet’s Food & Beverage Critics awarded Waiakea first place in the category of Best Tasting Water. In North America, the company held the most awards for any beverage for their corporate responsibility and health innovations.

Organic Authority said that Mr. Emmons established Waiakea Water in 2012 with the mission of producing a competitive brand in the beverage and Greater CPG industry. The water source comes from the Big Island of Hawaii, which is naturally filtered through the Mauna Loa Volcano.

The brand states the water is naturally rich in electrolytes, such as, calcium and magnesium. Within three years of launching Waiakea bottled water, its growth reached to 5000 percent. Today, the product is sold in more than 2,000 stores in 30 U.S. states, making it the first premium bottled water and beverage in the nation.

10 Best Water is an organization bringing together professionals in the water industry to collect information about various types of bottled water brands. The organization comprises of a team of independent researchers who rank brands based on qualitative and quantitative ranking points. They collect statistics from reviews, tastings, and the influence of social media.

Social media keeps things real in the commercialization of products, including Waiakea bottled water brand and other brands. Waiakea water is honored as an emerging brand and one of the most influential bottled water worldwide.

Social Security and It’s Impact On Retirement Planning

Social Security and It’s Impact On Retirement Planning

The vice president of the sales and financial distribution in nationwide life insurance company David Giertz is one of the world known financial advisers. He took four major exams, General securities principal examinations, Municipal Securities principle, uniform securities agent state law examination and general securities representative examination between 1986 and 1994 all of which he passed. He started working at Money Securities Corp in 1988 and moved on to other insurance companies like The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Citicorp Investment Services, Mony Securities Corp and Financial Horizons Securities Corporation before he ended up at nationwide life insurance in 2006. His commitment in his work at the company on has borne fruits and is now one of the major vice presidents of the company’s subsidiaries.

Read more: Insurance Agent at Nationwide Financial Institution in Fort Lauderdale, FL

David Giertz is also a licensed broker and could work in any company whose business involves the sale and purchase of stock, bonds and other forms of securities. Apart from his leadership roles and his involvement in security brokerage, he also conducts investments advisory services. Most recently, he gave a talk on the mistakes that could lead to smaller retirement. Giertz is also of the opinion that if people take up social security too early they are likely to lose thousands every year.

In a column by wall street journal wealth advisor, David addresses the question as to why most of the financial advisors are reluctant to speak to their clients regarding social security. According to him, most of the advisors are not confident with the many social security rules. They also lack the understanding on the same and thus cannot elaborate something they do not understand to their clients. However, a recent conducted on people some of them retired and others a few years before retirement show that many of the people wish to discuss this topic with their financial advisers. Some of them would go as far as switching their advisers if they failed to do this simple task.

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Brian Torchin Is An Excellent Helper For People Seeking Medical Jobs

Brian Torchin Is An Excellent Helper For People Seeking Medical Jobs

Medical jobs can be hard for some people to come by, but it is usually because they do not know what they are looking for. The people that are most interested in making sure that they can get a medical job have to be sure they have talked to Brian Torchin about all the things that he can do for them.

They want him to see their resume, and they should talk to him about how they are applying for jobs. Applying for jobs is a lot easier with information from Brian Torchin, and he makes sure that all his clients can learn something about their search.

He knows how to tell people how to write their resumes, and he also tells them how to take their interviews. He can send resumes out himself if he knows someone that has a job, and he can get people an interview if he wants to show them something that might work for them.

There are many people who are trying to be sure that they have gotten the right kinds of jobs, and they are often overdoing it.

According to Glassdoor, they can ask Brian Torchin to get them some help, and they can talk to him about what he thinks would be the best job for them. He can give them real time advice that most people do not get, and he can share things with the that are a lot more telling then just reading an ad for a job.

Brian Torchin is the best person to talk to in the medical industry for jobs, and he is also someone who is trying to make sure that all people are able to participate in the industry. He has placed people at jobs and gotten them interviews.

Topix has it that Brian Torchin has helped them be sure their job search is successful, and he uses all the information in his arsenal to get a result.

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New And Compelling Promotions From Fabletics

New And Compelling Promotions From Fabletics

There is a lot more to running a successful business than many people realize. In order to bring a business to success and keep it there, there has to be promotions. The promotions can be something as simple as discounts. However, there can be a bit of creativity in the efforts to bring out the customers. Fashion is very effective when it comes to promotions. After all, it is not always enough for people to be hit with the desire to look good, they also have to be given a chance to look good on a budget since there are always financial challenges.


Fabletics has a wealth of promotions. Among the promotions it has currently are sales in items of up to 70% off for new VIP members. This encourages people to not only sign up, but also take advantage of all of the offers that they are interested in. Fabletics has posted a lot of coupons online in order for customers to spend less on new outfits and accessories. As with other promotions from other businesses, it is important for people to take advantage quickly because some of these promotions will be gone very shortly.


Fabletics also has a current bra personality quiz. This allows women to answer a questionnaire that will take them to the types of bras that are best suited to them. This quiz is posted on Facebook.


The staff of Fabletics are always willing to listen to customer’s concerns about the products. Among the things they like to assure their customers of is the quality of the items. When it comes to a lot of items offered at clothing retailers, they tend to be thin and very frail. As a result, women have to spend a little more money on clothes. However, Fabletics makes sure that the products are durable.


Fabletics is a company that is definitely going to take over the fashion industry for no other reason than it has durable products for women. The clothing that it has to offer women is very comfortable and offers a lot of breathing women. Therefore, women can be stylish without hurting themselves. They can also walk around with a greater sense of confidence that often comes with the knowledge that one is dressed in a stylish manner. Fabletics is quickly becoming the new company to go to for fashion. More people are walking away from Amazon. For one thing, Amazon has a lot of the fragile clothes for women.

The Growth of Ascendant Capital under the Leadership of Jeffry Schneider

The Growth of Ascendant Capital under the Leadership of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is an Austin-based finance expert who is also the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC. It is a leading boutique alternative investment firm. The main aim of creating the enterprise was to diversify and give a reliable middle platform for investors who would like to access alternative investment assets. Jeffry Schneider has led the company to thrive since he established in 2009. He started it with two employees and currently has over 50.

Mr. Schneider holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He started his career in his New York by working for Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. Jeffry was also hired by the Axiom Capital Management and later moved to Paradigm Global Advisors before establishing Ascendant Capital. Schneider is highly skilled in alternative investment strategies, and he has sufficient analysis expertise that has caused Ascendant Capital to be successful.

The success of Ascendant Capital has been due to the outstanding culture that Jeffry has established at the firm. He works tirelessly to ensure that his employees are highly productive and promotes transparency and communication. Ascendant Capital has the expertise to find hedge, real estate, equity, and private funds that cannot be accessed by investors. After identifying the funds, the firm designs a portfolio of offerings that are enhanced and later works with a group of licensed investment advisors, brokerage firms, and private banks that to supply the offerings across the globe.

Jeffry Schneider’s strategies have assisted the company to develop rapidly. In the past five years, he has mobilized his finance experts to help various managers in raising more than $1 billion. Schneider aims at maintaining the growth rate of his company and plans to come up with $50 million every month. According to him, the current state of the market means alternative investments are a dependable way of increasing investments and minimizing liability. Schneider also loves keeping fit and has been participating in half marathons. He enjoys traveling  the world with family and friends.

Kevin Seawright is Offering Real Estate Solutions for Property Management

Kevin Seawright is Offering Real Estate Solutions for Property Management

Property management has become so important today and having a person like Kevin Seawright providing you with the information on real estate solutions is crucial.

With over 13 years in real estate and property management, he has gained great experience in real estate solutions. He is currently the managing partner and the Chief Operating Officer of the RPS Solutions a firm that deals with real estate. He joined the company in 2015. His goal has to been to provide solutions that are going to help the different people to own homes.

His career in the finance and real estate kicked off in 2001. He was working as the managing Fiscal Officer at the City of Baltimore. He operated in this position for one year. He later served as payroll director of the city.

According to Market Wired, in 2002 Kevin Seawright joined the Baltimore city department of housing as the finance director. He has also served in the position of chief financial officer. Kevin Seawright was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the Baltimore City Government from 2005 to 2011.

He continued to grow in the sector, and he left the government to join the Tito contractors. He was the vice president operations in Washington DC. For one year he was the executive director of operations for the Collington Episcopal life care community.

Before joining the RPS solutions, he was the executive vice president and chief financial officer. He was involved in providing solutions for startup real estate.

From 2004-2006 he was engaged with doing his Master of business administration from the Alamda University. To improve his skills and knowledge in leadership, he went to the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of business. He was involved in studying the Fundraising and Grant strategies, Principal of Leading Transformational Nonprofits and leading nonprofit boards.

In addition to his extraordinary career, he has been involved in different causes that are dear to him. He is the basketball coach of the Suffolk Virginia Recreation. Kevin Seawright also cares about education and economic empowerment. He loves sports, reading, and technology. He also loves to help other people succeed.

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