Anthony Petrello: The Man Wearing Many Hats

Anthony Petrello: The Man Wearing Many Hats

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited since 28th October 2011, and as its President since 1992. Mr. Petrello also serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries, Inc. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Limited since 1991.

Mr. Anthony Petrello also served as the managing partner in the firm of Baker & Mckenzie in its New York office, from 1979 to 1991. Mr. Anthony Petrello wears many hats. He has been the chairman of the Board Of Nabors Industries Limited since June 2012.

Anthony Petrello served as the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries from June 2003 to 2012. Mr. Anthony Petrello also wears many directorship hats. He has been a Director of Stewart and Stevenson LLC since February 28th 2011. He also serves as a Director at Texas Children’s hospital and His positions both presently and in the past show that he is a committed individual who takes pride in serving humanity and making a difference. Mr. Anthony Petrello has dedicated his time and effort to providing his expertise in various fields.

Referring to his educational background, Mr. Anthony Petrello holds a JD from Harvard University and B.S and M.S in Mathematics from the Yale University. Nabors Industries was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy Limited. The company is currently based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The expertise of the company is in oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling. The company operates in America, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

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