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Month: February 2017

The Growth of Ascendant Capital under the Leadership of Jeffry Schneider

The Growth of Ascendant Capital under the Leadership of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is an Austin-based finance expert who is also the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC. It is a leading boutique alternative investment firm. The main aim of creating the enterprise was to diversify and give a reliable middle platform for investors who would like to access alternative investment assets. Jeffry Schneider has led the company to thrive since he established in 2009. He started it with two employees and currently has over 50.

Mr. Schneider holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He started his career in his New York by working for Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. Jeffry was also hired by the Axiom Capital Management and later moved to Paradigm Global Advisors before establishing Ascendant Capital. Schneider is highly skilled in alternative investment strategies, and he has sufficient analysis expertise that has caused Ascendant Capital to be successful.

The success of Ascendant Capital has been due to the outstanding culture that Jeffry has established at the firm. He works tirelessly to ensure that his employees are highly productive and promotes transparency and communication. Ascendant Capital has the expertise to find hedge, real estate, equity, and private funds that cannot be accessed by investors. After identifying the funds, the firm designs a portfolio of offerings that are enhanced and later works with a group of licensed investment advisors, brokerage firms, and private banks that to supply the offerings across the globe.

Jeffry Schneider’s strategies have assisted the company to develop rapidly. In the past five years, he has mobilized his finance experts to help various managers in raising more than $1 billion. Schneider aims at maintaining the growth rate of his company and plans to come up with $50 million every month. According to him, the current state of the market means alternative investments are a dependable way of increasing investments and minimizing liability. Schneider also loves keeping fit and has been participating in half marathons. He enjoys traveling  the world with family and friends.

Kevin Seawright is Offering Real Estate Solutions for Property Management

Kevin Seawright is Offering Real Estate Solutions for Property Management

Property management has become so important today and having a person like Kevin Seawright providing you with the information on real estate solutions is crucial.

With over 13 years in real estate and property management, he has gained great experience in real estate solutions. He is currently the managing partner and the Chief Operating Officer of the RPS Solutions a firm that deals with real estate. He joined the company in 2015. His goal has to been to provide solutions that are going to help the different people to own homes.

His career in the finance and real estate kicked off in 2001. He was working as the managing Fiscal Officer at the City of Baltimore. He operated in this position for one year. He later served as payroll director of the city.

According to Market Wired, in 2002 Kevin Seawright joined the Baltimore city department of housing as the finance director. He has also served in the position of chief financial officer. Kevin Seawright was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the Baltimore City Government from 2005 to 2011.

He continued to grow in the sector, and he left the government to join the Tito contractors. He was the vice president operations in Washington DC. For one year he was the executive director of operations for the Collington Episcopal life care community.

Before joining the RPS solutions, he was the executive vice president and chief financial officer. He was involved in providing solutions for startup real estate.

From 2004-2006 he was engaged with doing his Master of business administration from the Alamda University. To improve his skills and knowledge in leadership, he went to the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of business. He was involved in studying the Fundraising and Grant strategies, Principal of Leading Transformational Nonprofits and leading nonprofit boards.

In addition to his extraordinary career, he has been involved in different causes that are dear to him. He is the basketball coach of the Suffolk Virginia Recreation. Kevin Seawright also cares about education and economic empowerment. He loves sports, reading, and technology. He also loves to help other people succeed.

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The Holistic Approach To Beautiful Hair Begins With WEN By Chaz

The Holistic Approach To Beautiful Hair Begins With WEN By Chaz

As a healthy woman, do you care what kinds of ingredients are present in your makeup compacts, skin care jars and more importantly, your shampoo and conditioner bottles?

You should care, because these days, the advancement of high-tech formulas, manufacturing procedures and strong, artificial chemicals are ruining many brands.

If you want to have gorgeous hair, then you need clean, safe ingredients that won’t cause potential damage and weakness to your strands. Consider wonderful botanical extracts like rosemary leaf, cucumber, pomegranate, lavender and amazing oils like tea tree, sweet almond and others. These are the kinds of soothing and beneficial natural ingredients blended into WEN By Chaz’s unique cleansing conditioners.

Forget about the huge lather, because WEN doesn’t offer it. You don’t need lather, because it comes from the sulfate family. So, the foaming action is only tossing chemicals on to your hair and scalp.

Chaz Dean developed his WEN brand to provide women with another hair cleansing alternative. His no lather shampoos and hair care products do not contain sulfates and other artificial ingredients. The famous LA stylist believes in a healthy lifestyle and approached his brand in an holistic manner.

WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners offer a wonderful experience, as you massage the product into the scalp and hair, from root to end. These cleansing conditioners are multi-action performers. One bottle behaves like a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Your hair will be soft, shiny and super clean after one wash.

Chaz Dean’s elite celebrity clientele remain loyal to the WEN brand, because it works. No matter what hair type you have or condition your locks are presently in, there is a WEN cleansing conditioner designed for you. His brand is so awesome, that Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his star customers since 1993. Now, that speaks volumes about the man, his products and high quality standards.

WEN By Chaz is so gentle and effective to all hair types and ages, that he even developed a special line of hair care products for children. WEN Kids is a very popular brand among the young set and is also based on a no lather shampoo concept.

There are a lot of no lather products out there to choose from, but Chaz Dean is considered the no-poo pioneer. His record speaks for itself; millions of bottles of WEN have been sold globally.