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Dick DeVos and His Worthy Goal

Dick DeVos and His Worthy Goal

Dick DeVos has an extensive work experience and a long resume that is full of accomplishments, achievements, among many awards that have all recognized this individual for being an excellent member of the business community as well as an innovator who has been able to inspire countless customers as well as employees to be the best that they can be. Dick DeVos has had a long career working at Amway Corporation, the family business that his father, Richard DeVos, built from the ground up. Dick DeVos has over four decades of experience within the world of business and has exceed his expectations and has truly made his father as well as the rest of his family proud.


Dick DeVos started working in the world of business long before a formal education. Before even attending college, Dick DeVos continued to hangout in the office of his family as he watched the business of Amway Corporation continue to grow and continue to expand into an international company that made international sales. It was not until Dick DeVos graduated with a degree in economics that he became a true member of the Amway Corporation family and was able to work his way up through the ranks to eventually become the CEO of the company. Though Dick DeVos shared the family name, his determination as well as his hard work were all of his own doing.


Dick DeVos joined the company at the lowest rank and was able to rise through the ranks by the fact that he was a hard worker and that he continued to demonstrate exceptional leadership. Dick DeVos created a name for himself in his own right that continues to be remembered. When reading up on Dick DeVos, I was taken aback by not only his success story, but also his humbleness, despite the fact that he came from wealthy means. From reading, Dick DeVos has worked hard in order to distinguish himself as a name that is more than the name of the DeVos family.


Dick DeVos has worked hard to make his father proud and to build on the legacy of the family name. In addition to his success within the world of business, Dick DeVos has also become a prominent philanthropist who has created numerous foundations and has put much time as well as effort into making sure that individuals succeed despite their meager means or their current financial status.


Livio Bisterzo Has A New Line Of Snacks

Livio Bisterzo Has A New Line Of Snacks

Finding a great snack on the market today is not always easy. Many snacks contain all sorts of unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, fat and other items that can contribute to weight gain. Such snacks may also contain unwanted items such as additives that are not always very healthy. One modern entrepreneur has realized that the time is ripe for a new kind of snack, one that offers something that is highly satisfying and full of flavor and yet also nutritious at the same time.

This is why Livio Bisterzo developed a new line snacks that he knows people in the United States and around the world will just love. His new line of Hippeas are specially created in order to offer snackers something delicious yet help them avoid calories they don’t want to have in their lives.

A New Line

The new line of snacks are called Hippeas (@hippeas_snacks). Made from all natural, organic ingredients, each kind offers a taste sensation that he knows his customers will enjoy. In an effort to help offer flavors that he knows people can enjoy on different days, he and his company officials at Green Park Brands have decided to offer the snack in six separate varieties. Each variety has been carefully developed in order to provide people with snack sensations and flavor profiles that are designed to help them enjoy a snack that is about an explosion of pleasing flavor the second they eat it. Flavors such as maple, siracha, paprika and cumin have been created that they know people will love the second they taste them.

A Background In Business

Livio Bisterzo has an extensive background in the field of business. His work in this field spans many decades. Thanks to his hard work, he has been able to be involved in many important business ventures over the years, allowing him to create a career that is highly satisfying and one that allows him to spend time with his three children and wife at his home base in Los Angeles. As a native of Italy, he grew up surrounded with good food. He knows that it is important to be mindful of the kind of snacks that people consume each day. His goal is to tap into his own background and demonstrate how it is possible to create snacks that taste good but also offer great nutrition as well.

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Kevin Seawright’s Success: Helping Every Businesses Thrive

Kevin Seawright’s Success: Helping Every Businesses Thrive

Any entrepreneur looking to open up a new business, often knows the risk and difficulties a new business undertakes. Senior Vice President and and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development offers financial advice when it comes to starting a business.

This advice is addressed in an interview that was published in an online article. According to PR News Wire, The article discusses the advice of Kevin Seawright when it comes to Newark Community Economic Development as well as what this business’s purpose is in the Newark Community.

Before addressing the article, it is important to recognize some of the accomplishments of Kevin Seawright, which provides an understanding of his background in finance. On one site, it tells of how he has increased annual returns by 25% for businesses. It partly defines his success.

He also has experience as Managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. His valuable experience in these positions has allowed him to garner awards for his success. One of these awards include being recognized by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program for completing the second installment of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program.

In regards to the article, it begins by addressing Kevin Seawright’s purpose for Newark Community Economic Development. In his answer to an interview question, Seawright tells of how it is (CEDC) Newark Community Economic Development’s goal is to provide loans to small-businesses.

Seawright also explains that the CEDC is designed to help every small-group business – women owned, minority owned, or any kind of business ownership. Seawright does not want to exclude any group looking to begin a small business. He also specifically details how much CEDC is willing to give businesses. Further on in the article, Seawright also explains the benefits of any small business working with CEDC.

Some of which are how employees of small business can file taxes, to business taxes, and finally, financial reporting. Seawright explains how filing taxes accurately and timely, which is something that small businesses often fail to do. Overall, this article clearly focuses on an influential figure, Kevin Seawright, who has a desire to help every business thrive.